Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Road Trip to Oddar Meanchey

Here are some pics from our recent trip to the rural provinces. We spent 3 days on the Thai/Cambodian border. The roads in these provinces are really bad. The first picture shows a bridge we encountered on our way to Oddar Meanchey. After 4 hours of driving along a bumpy road at about 20 mph, we came across this bridge that we could not cross. So we drove 4 hours back to the nearest town. Keep in mind the town we wanted was just 20 minutes beyond this bridge. The following day, we took another road where we barely made it across a bridge where a huge truck decided to break down right over the only bridge. You can see our white SUV barely making it around. After all that excitement, we found some ancient ruins. These ruins were in the middle of nowhere and it is not a place where tourists normally come (there are landmines all along the Thai /Cambodia border-it is one of the most heavily mined areas in the world). Nonetheless, while we were scrambling over ruins, six kids just showed up and gladly showed us around. the girl in yellow was one of the kids. We paid them in cookies.


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