Thursday, August 03, 2006


New era

I am officially into the last month of my internship. Things are winding down in regards to UNESCO and data collection. I am finishing 3 reports for UNESCO and transcribing all of the translated comments I received on the surveys. It is quite the process on both accounts. I am lucky enough to have made a good friend in the office that actually wanted to translate the surveys for me!

Nonetheless, Lynn arrives Friday AM. So the last month is devoted to work and play. We are going to Angkor Wat next weekend for a 4 day break. The following weekend will be a trip to the beach: Sihanoukville which is on the Gulf of Thailand. Plus, all the tourist stuff around Phenom Penh that I have been putting off so I did not see too much stuff two times.

So as things wind down I have to shift into a new perspective. Imagine me, less anal! Hey, it could happen.


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