Saturday, July 01, 2006


3 days in the field (I hope)

It has been a rather relaxing weekend. I spent most of it indoors editing a paper!

The good news is I should be heading to the field Monday afternoon for 3 days. I am not sure what provinces UNESCO is planning to visit, but just to have the chance to see the countryside will be exciting. If the plan goes through, I should have interesting tales to tell.

UPDATE- no field trip. UGH!

I did however find a wonderful oasis in the middle of downtown last night. It is a place called Elsewhere. It is set inside huge corrugated steel walls that look quite imposing. But once you are inside, it is a paradise. It is a French colonial style building in the middle of a lush garden. There are no tables to sit at per se, but rather little couches tucked away in trees here and there. It is very much like a person's backyard. Well, not my backyard...But someone's! Very cool. I will have to get pics next time and post them for you!


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