Saturday, June 24, 2006



Ok, I read in the Lonely Plant travel book that the moto drivers will soon learn your routines and wait for you outside your hotel. A moto is the form of public transportation in Cambodia that is actually a man on a moped. You know a man on a moped is a moto driver because he will be wearing a baseball cap; non-moto drivers avoid wearing a hat so they are not mistaken for moto drivers. Anyway, I expected this and was not surprised when this happened outside my apartment. However, now I do not even tell any moto drivers where I want to go. I come out of the apartment in gym shorts, they take me to the gym without a word between us. This seems pretty cool, but keep in mind these are different drivers every day! Now that is some communication system.

I have gotten many queries on data here is the scoop. During a national technology curriculum improvement workshop, I gave my survey to 26 master teacher trainers. These folks in turn will give the survey to 526 teacher trainers they personally trained on ICT skills. I am supposed to get the completed results back July 7th-ish. Since the postal service is so unreliable, the surveys will come back to me via a taxi! So, all in all the data collection is in full swing!


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